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The Stakes are Always High in Fighting Chimney Fires


If you’re a firefighter, you know that fighting a chimney from the rooftop can be dangerous – especially during the winter with the hazards of ice and snow.  Dropping chemicals down the chimney while contending with hazardous chimney smoke or shooting flames doesn’t make things any easier or safer.

Often, you’ll find that using dry chemicals aren’t effective … but the alternative of using a water mist can result in damaging the chimney lining – not to mention the mess and damage to the interior of the house.

Professional Chimney Cleaning

If you’re a professional chimney cleaner, you may not be faced with a chimney fire very often, but you want to ensure that your customers are protecting themselves by practicing good chimney safety and chimney maintenance.

Chimfex® is also a great sales opportunity.  After servicing a chimney, give your customers the opportunity to buy Chimfex® as a safety item.  Buy at competitive prices and sell at great mark-ups.  It’s a product with so many benefits, it virtually sells itself!

Chimfex®:  The One the Professionals Use

Chimfex® is a product that’s proven itself over 40 years of use by firefighters, safety professionals and chimney sweeps. And it's been designated a CSIA-approved product by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

How easy is Chimfex® to use?  It couldn’t be more simple.  Just activate Chimfex® and drop it alongside the fire, then close the doors or intake vents for the chimney or wood-burning heater.  In just seconds, the robust smoke from Chimfex® rises up the flue, replaces the oxygen and smothers the fire.  In addition, the temperature of the chimney flue drops dramatically – by more than 50% according to independent product testing.

Not only will homeowners be happy you’ve protected them from the potential loss of their house, you will have also prevented damage to the chimney flue or chimney liner by reducing the extreme temperature and by avoiding the use of water.

For Safety’s Sake … it’s Chimfex®

For more information on how to order Chimfex® for professional use, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call toll free 800-637-7807.

Chimfex® is also available for purchase at these quality retail establishments, or you can order online.

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